OIP4NWE - Open-Innovation Photonics pilot for NWE

Project Summary

The Interreg NWE-Project “OIP4NWE” aims at establishing an open innovation pilot line for the development of a generic photonic integration technology for the production of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs). Integrated photonics is the emerging technology where the manipulation of light takes place on a chip, making the components an order of magnitude cheaper, smaller and more energy-efficient compared to today’s solutions. By providing these services to SMEs across Europe, the project reduces PIC access barriers and strengthens the competitiveness and innovativeness of European SME sustainably on the global markets.


Current PIC facilities are of a laboratory nature and inadequate for manufacturing and packaging PICs with cost-efficiency, speed and reliable quality. There is a strong need to increase the technology readiness level (TRL) from the current 4 to 7. The equipment for PIC manufacturing and packaging is of an innovative, specialised nature that cannot be obtained from a single country. As application of PICs grows, North-West Europe needs to stay ahead. Therefore, intense collaboration between innovation stakeholders at transnational level is an important goal of the project.


NWE making an impact!

04-12-2019 - 05-12-2019, Tourcoing (Lille agglomeration), France

The Interreg North-West Europe (NWE) programme is pleased to announce its first impact event on 4 and 5 December 2019, which will take place in Tourcoing (Lille agglomeration, Haut... Read more

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OIP4NWE Newsletter April 2019

Posted on 01-04-2019

European partners build efficient pilot production line for photonic chips Read more

OIP4NWE presentation at the NMWP Themenabend "Chip Integration Technology" in Nijmegen

Posted on 19-02-2019

Dr. Victor Dolores-Calzadilla has given a talk about OIP4NWE at the NMWP Themenabend "Chip Integration Technology" in Nijmegen Read more

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Project Partners

Lead partner

Organisation Contact name Address Email Website
Eindhoven University of Technology Dr. Victor Dolores-Calzadilla 70 De Rondom
5612 AP
v.calzadilla@tue.nl www.tue.nl/en
Name Contact Name Email Country
AIXTRON SE Michael Heuken M.Heuken@aixtron.com Germany
Photonics Bretagne David Méchin dmechin@photonics-bretagne.com France
Vrije Universiteit Brussel Jürgen Van Erps jurgen.van.erps@vub.be Belgium
SMART Photonics Roel Daamen roel.daamen@smartphotonics.nl Netherlands
Tyndall National Institute Peter O'Brien peter.obrien@tyndall.ie Ireland
VTEC Lasers & Sensors Jan Mink jan@vtec-ls.nl Netherlands
Technobis Fibre Technologies Ellen Schipper ellen.schipper@technobis.com Netherlands
mBryonics Limited David Mackey david@mbryonics.com Ireland
Oxford Instruments nanotechnology Tools Ltd Mike Cooke mike.cooke@oxinst.com United Kingdom
NanoMicroMaterialsPhotonics.NRW Cluster c/o NMWP Management GmbH Dirk Kalinowski dirk.kalinowski@nmwp.de Germany
Photon Delta Anna Nikiel anna@photondelta.eu Netherlands


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