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Project Summary

Marine Energy (ME) refers to the renewable energy that can be captured from waves, tides, and salinity & thermal gradients. ME has the potential to deliver electricity to 350 million households globally by 2050. The NWE region leads the way in ME development and is uniquely positioned to become the global industry leader. However, efficient growth is hampered, as the sector is regionally oriented and fragmented. Foreseeable errors in technology development are being repeated, making the development of ME technologies unnecessarily inefficient and expensive.

The Marine Energy Alliance (MEA) unites regional expertise and capabilities of leading organisations with a track-record in ME development. The main objective is to progress the combined technical and commercial maturity level of 40 SMEs developing ME Concepts (TRL 3-4), reducing the risk in the subsequent capital-intensive demonstration phase by 20%. This is achieved by delivering a tailored suite of integrated technical and commercial services, which is innovative and new to the sector. To ensure long-lasting impact, an after-care module is put in place in which after-care plans of the ME Concepts are carefully monitored. Concept Booster Hackathons will be organised connecting maritime and offshore companies to ME Concepts to lay the groundwork for future collaborations.

A ME Investment Portfolio enabling investors to diversify risk by investing in multiple ME Concepts simultaneously will be developed. These activities support 120 companies in bringing new products to the market and leverage €8 million of additional funding. To sustain MEA, lessons-learned in the service delivery to individual ME Concepts are used to develop a Technical & Commercial Service Offer, which will be jointly implemented after the project lifetime. This Service Offer aims to support another 40 ME Concepts in the years after project finalisation contributing to the creation of 300 new jobs and 500 maintained jobs in the NWE region.

The call for support opens mid-December

Project Partners

Lead partner

Organisation Contact name Address Email Website
Dutch Marine Energy Centre Iris Hoefnagels 200 Bergerweg
1817 MN
iris@dutchmarineenergy.com www.dutchmarineenergy.com
Name Contact Name Email Country
The European Marine Energy Centre Limited Richard Ainsworth richard.ainsworth@emec.org.uk United Kingdom
MaREI Gordon Dalton g.dalton@ucc.ie Ireland
Ecole Centrale de Nantes Thomas Soulard thomas.soulard@ec-nantes.fr France
Exceedence Limited Raymon Alcorn ray.alcorn@exceedence.com Ireland
INNOSEA SAS Félix Gorintin felix.gorintin@innosea.fr France
Stichting Maritiem Research Instituut Nederland Erik-Jan de Ridder e.d.ridder@marin.nl Netherlands
Navingo BV Annemieke den Otter ao@navingo.com Netherlands
University of Edinburgh David Ingram david.ingram@ed.ac.uk United Kingdom



Ocean Energy Europe 2018

, Edinburgh

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The call for support opens mid-December

Please keep an eye on this website for more information!

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