Desirable, warm, affordable homes for life.

Project Summary

UK, FR, NL and DE alone have 43 million apartments. There is no compelling deep energy retrofit solution (close to 100% energy savings instead of today’s typical 30%) for apartment buildings, which is key to achieve EU’s 2050 CO2 target. Mustbe0 develops a market for affordable, desirable, long-term performance guaranteed (instead of theoretical performance) net zero energy (NZE) retrofits for apartment buildings. A NZE apartment generates the equivalent of energy needed for its space heating, hot water and powering appliances. A new business model uses money spent on energy bills and maintenance work to pay for the retrofit. This way, residents get a modern, warm and comfortable home at the same cost of living.

Off site manufacturing of the retrofit packages (mass customised facades and roofs with fully integrated energy and climate systems) enables driving down costs and installation times to go down from many months to a few weeks. Retrofitting apartments differ from houses technically (size, facades, collective energy systems), financially and contractually (both energy use and distribution and ownership). All complicate (quick) delivery.

Four independent market development teams intervene in the market to create a viable path to scale. Housing providers collaborate to retrofit 9 demonstrators (415 units) in UK, NL, FR and DE. This provides a launching market in NWE as part of that intervention. Aggregating additional demand, improving regulation and financing to structurally enable it creates more market volume and drives the supply chain to industrially produce cheaper and better retrofits which kick-starts a self-sustaining market. This yields 100.000 retrofits by 2025 and 400.000/yr by 2030.

By the end of the project, retrofits achieve 7.9 GWh/yr of primary energy savings (and 1505 tonnes CO2/yr), average investment costs drop 15% from today’s ±€1100/m2. Housing organisations’ ability to invest increases significantly because of our new business model.

Project Partners

Lead partner

Organisation Contact name Address Email Website
Energiesprong Foundation Ron Van Erck 4 Dulcie Septemberpad
Name Contact Name Email Country
Greenflex (host Energiesprong market development team France) Sébastien Delpont France
Energiesprong UK Arno Schmickler United Kingdom
German Energy Agency (host Energiesprong market development team DE) Uwe Bigalke Germany
Vonovia SE Marius Kersting Germany
Nottingham City Council Wayne Bexton United Kingdom
Notre Logis Thomas Damay France
Vilogia Agnieszka Bogucka France
Woonmeij Frans Brouwers Netherlands
Factory Zero BV Sjoerd Kleinvelderman Netherlands
RC Panels Carlos Klein Netherlands
Housing Association by Vorgebirgspark eG Thomas Meißner Germany
Building Cooperative Oberricklingen eG in Hannover Oec Ewald Ernst Germany
Arsago Emanuel Heisenberg Germany
VIOS building group BV Aart Verkaik Netherlands


Mustbe0 kicks off in London

Posted on

Mustbe0 partners gathered in London to kick off the Mustbe0 project, whose ambition is to make net zero energy home make-overs suitable for multi-storey buildings in North West Europe. The meeting focused on collaboration with international partners, industrialisation of the building sector and challenges for housing associations. Read More

Energiesprong kicks off Interreg NWE´s Mustbe0 project to make net zero energy suitable for multi-storey buildings in North West Europe

Posted on

After a successful start bringing the Dutch Energiesprong approach for affordable, desirable, long-term performance guaranteed net zero energy (NZE) retrofits to Europe for single family homes (E=0), the coming three years will see Energiesprong develop a market for apartment buildings in North West Europe under a new project: Mustbe0, funded by Interreg NWE. The UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands will join forces to create a viable path to scale. Read More

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