CAP Construction and Mijnwater BV present 4th generation DHC to Wallonia’s municipalities

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CAP Construction and Mijnwater BV were at a capacity building workshop for public authorities organised by the Federation of towns and municipalities of Wallonia on 30th November 2018. The main topic was the energy performance of buildings, but district heating and cooling networks were in the spotlight too. Indeed 4th generation district heating and cooling are one of the solutions to supply decarbonised energy to low consumption buildings. Mijnwater, the Living Lab of Heerlen city, was presented in details: the low-temperature distribution network is used to produce, exchange and store energy coming from geothermal source (mine water) and waste heat. This a fully automatically controlled and demand driven system integrating electricity renewable sources. This workshop targeted a regional audience, which is why French was used instead of English. Read More

Visit of the district heating network of Boulogne-sur-mer on 29th November 2018

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The Centre of Resource on Sustainable Development, in cooperation with the City of Boulogne-sur-mer and Ecoliane, DHC company owned by Dalkia, organised a visit of the district heating network of the town on 29th November 2018. This was the occasion for municipalities’ representatives, professionals and citizens to discover this innovative infrastructure which produces 54% of its heat from renewable sources and waste heat (biomass, heat pumps, waste heat and biogas). The network delivers heat mainly to the residential sector (64%) and to the commercial and tertiary sector (36%). This study tour targeted a national audience, which is why French was used instead of English. Read More

Fostering District Heating and Cooling in European Cities – Policy recommendations from the HeatNet NWE project

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You have probably heard about the advantages of District Heating and Cooling systems: they increase energy efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the development of a greener economy. But what can be done to foster the supply of renewable and low carbon heat to our buildings? Our experts just released a set of recommendations for policy makers to promote District Heating and Cooling in North-West Europe! Read More