Project Summary

ISSUE: Reducing GHG emissions in the transport sector is crucial for climate change and air quality. Water transport plays a key role for persons and goods in NWE, which concentrates 84% of European inland freight. However, almost 100 % of inland vessels are fuelled by gasoil (CCNR, 2017) which, similar to diesel, emits CO2, nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM) and sulphur dioxide (SO2). The (H2020) PROMINENT project found that the inland waterway and maritme transport sectors have a large potential to become more environmentally friendly. Breakthrough alternatives are needed. Hydrogen (H2) propulsion approaches full market maturity and  is the only option that allows total decarbonisation of waterborne transport: high efficiency, energy density and no local GHG emissions. Its uptake requires dedicated infrastructure, close to end users. With predictable routes and proximity with other industries, water transport proves particularly adapted to H2.
CHANGE: H2SHIPS will demonstrate the added-value of H2 for water transport and develop a blueprint for its adoption across NWE. GHG emissions will be directly avoided: 1336 tCO2, 15 tNOx, 0.3 tPM, 0.8 tSO2. The partnership will lay the grounds for the emergence of a dedicated H2 value chain.
OUTPUTS will include 3 demonstrations in complementary contexts to ensure replicability. Pilot 1 (FR) Decentralised H2 production and distrubtion system to fuel two H2 passenger vessels; Pilot 2 (NL) Retrofit of a inland cargo ship into a hydrogen configuration; Pilot 3 (BE) H2 distribution in open sea for maritime transport.
LONG TERM EFFECTS: After project end, H2SHIPS will lead to 8 direct job creations per year and will have created the necessary conditions for its uptake by 2% of the fleet renewal (retrofit/new) with positive impact on cross-sector industry uptake. 10 years after project end, the direct GHG impact will be 25057 tCO2, 290 tNOx, 6 tPM, 15 tSO2 avoided per year.

Project Partners

Lead partner

Organisation Contact name Address Email Website
European Institute for Energy Research Mathieu Marrony 1 Emmy Noether Strasse
Name Contact Name Email Country
Electricité de France Christelle Rouillé France
University of Birmingham Robert Steinberger-Wilckens United Kingdom
Amsterdam Port Authority Jelle Paulusma Netherlands
Delft University of Technology Klaas Visser Netherlands
Navalu Camille Dujour France
SYCTOM Frédérique David France
HAROPA Cédric Virciglio France
Port of Ostend Wim Stubbe Belgium
Steinbeis 2i GmbH Marie-Eve Reinert Germany
HYDROGEN EUROPE Michael Diderich Belgium
Transport & Environment Faig Abbasov Belgium
Vedettes Paris Tour Eiffel - Bateaux Parisiens - Batobus Michel Toetsch France
Tata Steel Europe Gerard Jägers Netherlands

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