Project Summary

Congestion, pollution and growing urban population in NWE forces us to replace private cars by alternative mobility options. By providing a critical mass of eHUBS (physical cluster of shared electric mobility modes of transport) and make available shared mobility to the end-user, we kickstart the mobility transition. Private car use in cities will decrease. While eHUBS are technically feasible, deployment is hindered because of slow user adaptation, lagging urban planning and legislative/policy hurdles. Critical mass and scalability is key and knowledge transfer is absolutely necessary to remove barriers for local authorities.

Partner cities from 5 countries will realize and promote eHUBS and pave the way for others to do the same. There will be eHUBS on strategic locations, connected to other modes (e.g. public transport), but also small eHUBS in living areas. The eHUBS implementation approach will differ per city to create an overall best practice that can easily be applied in other cities and regions. This will result in an additional 1,477 kg tons CO2 reduction p/y at the project end and 287,022 kg tons CO2 p/y 10 years later (compared to baseline, incl. replication cities).


  • Design and deployment/adaptation of  92 eHUBS in 6 pilot cities with in total 2,395 shared LEVs and 672 EVs
  • Implementation toolkit for cities
  • Active cooperation with 20 “replication cities”
  • Community outreach programme to inform and engage users

By kick starting the mobility transition in 6 pilot cities we will set an example for all of NWE. Other cities can benefit from applying the blueprint and copying best practices. A large-scale uptake will cause a leverage by significantly reducing CO2 emissions in the cities and creating a growing market for commercial  shared e-mobility providers.

Project Partners

Lead partner

Organisation Contact name Address Email Website
City of Amsterdam Debbie Dekkers 1 Amstel
1011 PN
Name Contact Name Email Country
Promotion of Operation Links with Integrated Services aisbl (POLIS) Ivo Cré Belgium
Taxistop asbl Alice Burton Belgium Jeffrey Matthijs Belgium
Bayern Innovativ Ltd. Emma Costa Argemi Germany
Cargoroo Jaron Borensztajn Netherlands
URBEE (E-bike network Amsterdam BV) Erik de Winter Netherlands
City of Nijmegen Klaas-Jan Gräfe Netherlands
Transport for Greater Manchester Christopher Allan United Kingdom
City of Leuven Tim Asperges Belgium
TU Delft Gonçalo Homem de Almeida Correia Netherlands
University of Newcastle upon Tyne Dilum Dissanayake United Kingdom
City of Dreux Lucie Jugé France
Kempten (Allgäu) Thomas Weiss Germany
University of Antwerp Evy Onghena Belgium



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