Online therapy?! Reflections from Psychodynamic, Psychotherapy and Ethical Issues

Auditory Storck, FOD Werkgelegenheid, Arbeid en Sociaal Overleg, Ernest Blerotstraat 1, 1070 Brussels

23 February 2018

The mental health care sector is facing major challenges. A growing number of people suffers from depression, burn-out or trauma and needs help. This raises the question of how we can keep mental health care accessible, affordable and qualitative.
E-mental health, or the implementation of digital technology in mental health care, is part of the solution. The eMEN project wants to use the power of technology to improve the mental health of people in Europe.
However, the implementation of technological applications in mental health care faces a lot of challenges and obstacles. Not all mental health professionals and clients are aware of the opportunities offered by technological applications or have faith in it. They have questions about the product quality, ethics and deontology, but also about the conceptualization of different forms of therapy to online applications. This is exactly the focus of this seminar.

In addition to the ethics and deontology topic, we focus on the conceptualisation of psychodynamic psychotherapy to online applications.

Prof. Dr. Chris Gastmans (University of Leuven) and Prof. Dr. Patrick Luyten (University of Leuven and University College London) are already confirmed speakers.


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