E-mental health in Europe: learning from our neighbours

Berlin, Germany

29 November 2018 - 29 November 2018

The future of psychosocial care is digital. Innovative e-mental health applications are promising and can make a new contribution to mental health care. The range of digital interventions is diverse, but integration into the daily routines of mental health professionals is slow. However, the degree of implementation differs across Europe - frontrunners like The Netherlands are a few steps ahead. What can we learn from them? How do digital interventions change routine care? And which developments in the field of e- (mental) health are emerging?

International experts report on how to overcome implementation barriers and successfully adopt internet-based interventions. In the start-up slam, various SMEs present their ideas for psychosocial care. All innovative programs can be tested on site and you can get in touch with the developers.

The event takes place within the scope of the eMEN project and is co-financed by the European Union. eMEN aims to promote internet-based interventions to improve Europe´s mental health. In a unique combination, eMEN connects technical know-how with expertise in psychosocial care, politics and science. DGPPN and the German Alliance on Mental Health are eMEN project partners and are responsible for the organization of this event in Germany.

Registration and further information on the EU project can be found here.


Start-up slam: Apply now!

For this event we are looking for innovative, well-designed e-mental health programmes that complement and enhance the treatment of mental illness.

Send us a short description of your e-mental health product (e.g. apps, online psychotherapy programmes, etc.) and your start-up via email, with a link to the product and your website.

Proposal: eMEN start-up slam

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