E=0: Desirable, warm, affordable homes for life

Project Summary

E=0 will support the development of 11.200 home make-over to net zero energy levels in FR, NL, UK and LUX.

E=0 will address poor energy performance of residential buildings by generating a new mass market for net zero energy retrofits across NWE. Current retrofit measures are piecemeal & not integrated to deliver whole-house warrantied performance. This trend is driven by the lack of holistic policies & compartmentalised funding.

E=0 is based on the successful Energiesprong programme in the Netherlands, delivering net zero energy (E=0) retrofits with a 30+ years performance warranty; installed within one week at a cost paid off by the guaranteed energy savings and maintenance costs (stroomversnelling.nl/initiatief/internationaal).

A net zero energy house generates as much energy as is needed for the house and household appliances. This is possible by using new technologies such as prefabricated facades, insulated rooftops with solar panels and smart heating and cooling installations. After a Net Zero Energy makeover, the house takes on a modern appearance from the outside, while inside the house is free of moisture or drafts. The retrofit greatly improves quality & comfort, leading to wider urban renewal.

This game changing approach is based on aggregating demand from the housing supply side and letting them procure a performance-based product meeting this new standard. This challenges industry and their supply chain to innovate. To widen the opportunity for supply chain integration, this E=0 retrofit market must scale up to the NWE region.




E=0 Partner Event in Nottingham: Energiesprong into Action!

24-10-2017 - 25-10-2017, Nottingham

Some 50 international partners of Energiesprong gathered in Nottingham, UK during 24 and 25 October 2017 to share good practice and discuss the development of the Energiesprong concept. Energiesprong Market Development Teams from the UK, Netherlands, France and Germany were joined by suppliers and housing associations to showcase the Energiesprong approach to housing retrofit and new build. Day 1 was dedicated to the H2020 financed project TransitionZero, Day 2 focused on the Interreg NWE project E=0. Read more

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Lancement des travaux du premier démonstrateur français de rénovation énergétique E=0

Posted on 23-02-2018

Ce jour 22 Février 20188 marque à Hem le lancement des travaux de réhabilitation de 10 logements de Vilogia qui atteindront un niveau E=0 (énergie zéro garantie sur 25 ans). C’est le premier démonstrateur EnergieSprong en France. Né aux Pays-Bas, ce mouvement européen, coordonné en France par GreenFlex, vise à massifier les rénovations énergétiques ambitieuses. Ce premier projet bénéficie du soutien financier du programme européen Interreg NWE, de la Caisse des Dépôts et de l’ADEME. Read more

Energiesprong is hiring: Solution integrator E=0 retrofits

Posted on 21-03-2018

The current state of market, with first demonstration projects under development in UK and FR, is in need for more OEM-like solution providers especially outside NL. Within the programme there is opportunity for a solution integrator to develop E=0 retrofit in a multidisciplinary group of component suppliers. The solution integrator should develop and showcase a new E=0 retrofit design which has potential to be replicable, built bottom up with a view to industrial produce them, developed to enable to bring costs down. Given the state of the various markets, we seek for an (aspiring) OEM in UK. Read more

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Project Partners

Lead partner

Organisation Contact name Address Email Website
Stroomversnelling Ron van Erck 43 Anna van Buerenplein
The Hague
rverck@stroomversnelling.nl http://www.stroomversnelling.nl/
Name Contact Name Email Country
NEOBUILD S.A. Nicolas Zita n.zita@neobuild.lu Luxembourg
The National Energy Foundation Sandra Hayes sandra.hayes@nef.org.uk United Kingdom
Fonds du Logement Denis Ory Denis.Ory@fondsdulogement.lu Luxembourg
Moat Homes Limited Jason Amos Jason.Amos@moat.co.uk United Kingdom
Clarion Housing Group Jack White Jack.White@clarionhg.com United Kingdom
Greenflex Sébastien Delpont sdelpont@greenflex.com France
Vilogia Agnieszka Bogucka Agnieszka.Bogucka@vilogia.fr France
Metropoolregio Rotterdam Den Haag / Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague Anne Sanders a.sanders@mrdh.nl Netherlands
ICF Habitat Rémy Butaye remy.butaye@icfhabitat.fr France


Dutch local governments stimulate NZE for 15 homeowner associations

Posted on

In 2017 local governments in the province of South Holland are providing funding for 15 homeowner associations to refurbish their apartment buildings to Net Zero Energy. This funding is available to associations consisting of 25 dwellings or more and will be used to provide comprehensive advice and support for transitioning their homes. These 15 projects will also serve as a learning platform, as participants share their experiences and create a knowledge base for future refurbishments. Read More

First demonstrators houses selected in France

Posted on

The Vilogia and ICF Habitat housing associations are the first in France to retrofit 10 demonstrator houses to Net Zero Energy (NZE). Before starting, Vilogia spent one year working with team members from both Energiesprong Netherlands and Energiesprong France – GreenFlex to retransmit and adapt the revolutionary Dutch retrofitting model to the French market. The first demonstrator houses will be realised in December 2017 in northern France. Read More


Discover the E=0 projects in France

In March 2016, Energiesprong was launched in France. The team is hosted by the sustainability consultancy GreenFlex. Specialised in helping organisations to accelerate their social and environmental transition, GreenFlex has set up a market development team of 7 people to adapt and implement the Energiesprong approach with local stakeholders. Within the E=0 project the are working closely together with the housing associations ICF Habitat and Vilogia to bring Energiesprong to France.  Both Vilogia and ICF have already launched the process to build the first 20 Energiesprong refurbishments. Vilogia has issued the related call for tender and has now chosen their industrial partner, which will be Smart Module Concept. They got the contract for the refurbishment of 10 houses in Hem, in the North of France. Preparations start in November and the actual refurbishment will start in January 2018.

Next to Vilogia and ICF, four others are already considering launching pilots soon. Around 20 housing associations have shown interest in the project and many solution providers and facilitators have become regular attendees and of the workshops and participating members of the project committee.

EnergiesprongFR team

Sébastien Delpont, programme director; sdelpont@greenflex.com
Pierre Levi, business model, energy plan & relationships with social housing sector; plevi@greenflex.com
Hugo Vigneron, contracting, technical solutions & relationships with solution providers; hvigneron@greenflex.com
Déborah Knight, communications and tenant engagement; dknight@greenflex.com

E=0 project in Hem (France)

Location of the investment: Hem (France), rue Védrines 38-56 >>> map

Managed by Vilogia, http://www.vilogia.fr/

Industrial partner: Smart Module Solutions

Start refurbishment: January 2018, preparations will start already in November 2017

To read more about Vilogia's experience, look at our news article and Vilogia's blog

The properties that have been selected by Vilogia for the E=0 retrofits are located in the rue Védrines 38-56 in Hem. 

Link to map


Aerial view

The City of Hem is situated next to Lille Metropole in the North of France. It covers an area of 9.65 km, it’s population is 19.675. It’s mostly residential.

Description of the site

The pilot site in the rue Vedrines is composed of 10 houses which are rented to Vilogia clients only. The pilot is composed of 2 groups of 4 houses and 1 group of 2 houses.

The houses have ground floor and first floor configuration and their facades are made of bricks. They have pitched roofs. They were constructed in 1952 and their current energy label is E. 

Site before the refurbishment

"We want to show that what is done in the Netherlands is possible here too, in our French context."

Agnieszka Bogucka, Project Manager Vilogia

E=0 pilot in Longeau

Location of the investment: Longueau, 175-197 rue du Maréchal Joffre  >> map

Managed by ICF, http://www.icfhabitat.fr/

Aerial view

The City of Longueau is situated next to Amiens in the Somme department (Hauts-de-France) in Northern France. The town was once a railway centre. The area (3,4 km2) is mostly residential. In 2013, its population amounted to 5 641 inhabitants.

Site description

The demonstration stock (61 units in total) is located in a residential area, which mostly consists of semi-detached and detached houses, near a railway station and the City of Amiens (only 15 minutes walk from the city centre and 5 minutes by train).

The houses were built in the 1960s, with 3 to 5 rooms and one floor, front yards with grass and backyard sheds. They are mainly occupied by elderly people (29% of tenants are aged 40-59, 19% are over 60 years old).

The Energy Performance Certificate indicates a rating of “F”.

Site before the refurbishment

Discover E=0 in the UK 

Energiesprong UK (hosted by NEF) is leading on the effort to bring the Energiesprong concept to the UK. In the framework of the E=0 project, the two UK housing associations Moat and Clarion are pioneering the Energiesprong retrofits and are each working on demonstrators for net-zero renovations. Moat and Clarion have each selected a set of properties, located around London and Maldon. They are now in the procurement process to select their main contractor for the retrofits.

Energiesprong UK

Energiesprong UK has 17 founding partners: frontrunners in the field of sustainability and innovation from the social housing sector as well as construction companies that share the vision of working together towards more comfortable, better looking, affordable and sustainable housing. In addition, it has a range of supporting partners that are relevant stakeholders in the transformation Energiesprong UK is aiming to achieve.

 Website: http://www.energiesprong.uk/

Energiesprong UK team

Alex Rathmell is leading the team to develop the Energiesprong model in the UK.

Alex Rathmell

For the rest of the team see: http://www.energiesprong.uk/who-we-are/

E=0 demonstrator in Maldon (UK) 

Moat are in the process of choosing 10 homes that would benefit from the energy efficiency works that Energiesprong can offer.  Moat are excited to be part of the pioneering project and recognise the long term advantages that Energiesprong could bring to some of their customers.  

Moat has now begun the process of procuring a suitable contractor and the successful organisations should be selected before the end of October 2017.

To read more about Moat's demonstrator, also check this article: http://energiesprong.eu/housing-association-moat-starts-pilot-with-energiesprong-concept-in-uk/



Link to Map




Aerial view

The demonstrators are situated along one stretch of road in the Maldon.

The demonstrators are in an exposed location with fields on one side and a river on the other.

Site description

All properties were already built in 1931. They are of semi-detached construction with rooms in the roof.

They all have 2 bedrooms and pitched roofs, with 1 to 4 occupants per property.  Floor surface varies between 59m2  and 78 m2

Current energy performance certificates (EPC): 

  • 205 Mundon Road has a SAP rating of E 45
  • 207 Mundon Road has a SAP rating of E 49
  • 233 Mundon Road has a SAP rating of D 56
  • 235 Mundon Road has a SAP rating of E 48
  • 237 Mundon Road has a SAP rating of D 56
  • 239 Mundon Road has a SAP rating of D 58
  • 245 Mundon Road has a SAP rating of F 38
  • 247 Mundon Road has a SAP rating of E 46
  • 253 Mundon Road has a SAP rating of E 46
  • 255 Mundon Road has a SAP rating of E 44
Houses before the E=0 refurbishment



“We’re really looking forward to enhancing the appearance and comfort of our homes as we want our customers to love where they live – and it is equally important that our homes are affordable to run. However as a social landlord we also have a commitment to consider the health and wellbeing of our customers. Retrofitting our homes with energy efficient technologies has clear health benefits to those who live in them, supporting our shared aim with Energiesprong of delivering desirable, warm and affordable homes for life.”

Ben James, Energy & Sustainability Coordinator at Moat

E=0 demonstrator in Borehamwood and Bromley (UK)

Clarion has identified ten properties, five of them in Borehamwood and the other five in Bromley, that are suitable for net zero energy refurbishments.  They have made an effort to liaise with the residents early in the process and have received very positive feedback with all residents agreeing to the project.   

Clarion has now begun the process of procuring a suitable contractor and the successful organisations should be selected before the end of October 2017.

This project is managed by Clarion (formerly Affinity Sutton) https://www.clarionhg.com/ 


Properties description


All properties in Borehamwood date from 1953 and 1955. They are 3-bedroom solid wall properties with an EPC rating of D and mains gas heating. 

  • 12 Ranskill Rd: Built in 1955, mid-terrace.
  • 24 Stevenage Cres: Built in 1955, end terrace.
  • 144 Croxdale Rd: Built in 1953, end terrace.
  • 51 Hillside Ave: Built in 1953, semi detached.
  • 61 Croxdale Rd: Built in 1953, mid terrace.

Bromley & Orpington

The properties in Bromely and Orpington are also 3 bedroom solid wall properties. They have mains gas heating and EPC ratings of E and F. 

  • 30a Holbrook Way, Bromley: Built in 1924, semi detached, with an EPC rating of E. 
  • 7 Walnuts Rd, Orpington: Built in 1950, end terrace, with an EPC rating of F. 
  • 2 Englefield Cres, Orpington: Built in 1950, semi detached, with an EPC rating of E. 
  • 23 Austin Rd, Orpington: Built in 1947,semi detached, with an EPC rating of E. 
  • 81 Goddard Rd, Beckenham: Built in 1922, end terrace, with an EPC rating of F. 


Houses before E=0 refurbishment

Picture: House in Borehamwood

Discover E=0 in Luxembourg

Energiesprong was launched in Luxembourg in May 2016 through the Interreg North West Europe project E=0. In its mission to lead the construction sector toward resilience and economic development, Neobuild - the innovation cluster for sustainable construction in Luxembourg - is hosting the market development team.

First project

Neobuild is currently working with the Fonds du Logement, the biggest housing association in the country, to refurbish an apartment building of 24 units using the Energiesprong method. If the project goes according to plan, the Fonds du Logement and other housing associations could be interested in applying the Energiesprong method elsewhere in Luxembourg. Local construction companies and suppliers are also following closely the advancement of the pilot.

See also the article published at infogreen.lu: https://www.infogreen.lu/E-0-un-jour-pour-un-batiment-zero-energie.html 


Boris Solecki, team leader to develop the Energiesprong model in LU. b.solecki@neobuild.lu

Francis Schwall, innovative technical solutions & relationships with solution providers. f.schwall@neobuild.lu

Nicolas Zita, energy plan & relationships with social housing sector. n.zita@neobuild.lu

E=0 demonstrator Fonds du Logement: Place Abbé Mühlendorf

The Fonds du Logement has selected an apartment building for the E=0 retrofit. It's located in the City of Luxembourg.

Works are planned to start there in 2018. 

Aerial view

The Kirchberg-KIEM district is situated in Luxembourg City in the south of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is today the heart of the international banking and financial place that the country constitutes. Its population is 5.499.

Site description

The site is situated in a residential area of semi-detached and individual houses next to the highway exit and large communication axis leading to neighbouring cities.

The buildings have a ground floor and 3 floors and pitched roofs. These are typical residences of the eighties with apartments including balconies. Each landing serves 2-3 apartments. Each stairwell provides an access to 4 levels of apartments and a basement. The first building of 24 units and 2 staircases will be refurbished with E = 0 techniques and delays and. The second building, planned for a classic renovation, has 3 staircases and 28 units.
The current energy class of both buildings is “G”. and they were built in 1986 and 1987. The population consists of small families. Most people are long term tenants.

Site before the intervention

« Il s’agit d’un projet pilote, donc nous n’allons pas nous limiter à faire du conventionnel. C’est l’occasion pour nous d’explorer différentes pistes en tenant compte de toute une série de contraintes : la valeur d’isolation, la densité, le poids, la valeur écologique, etc. Nous tendons vers une structure en bois avec un isolant qui pourrait être en paille ou dans un autre matériau biosourcé. Nous cherchons la solution idéale pour ce bâtiment en particulier, tout en gardant en tête l’idée de pouvoir l’appliquer à d’autres résidences ».

Joëlle Tanson, architecte au Fonds du Logement (© infogreen.lu)

Discover E=0 in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands the E=0 project focuses on two things: a solid financial solution for homeowner associations wanting to achieve Net Zero Energy refurbishments and the set up of the incubator Factory Zero, that develops and produces smart Net Zero Energy (NZE) systems.

A driving focus of this project is for homeowner associations to find a solid financial construction for NZE refurbishments with a duration of 25 to 30 years. Under the E=0 project, we work together with large banks, financial organisations, local governments, provinces and national government to start pilots. By learning in practice, such pilots enable us to generate financial solutions that satisfy all parties involved. All experience and knowledge gained is then translated into tools and manuals for other homeowner associations. You can read more about these pilots in the article “Dutch local governments stimulate NZE for 15 homeowner associations”.

The other main focus of the NWE interreg project E=0 has been to create the start-up and incubator Factory Zero. Factory Zero works in close cooperation with innovative players in the building supply industry to develop, produce and deliver smart, complete Net Zero Energy systems. Industrial scale solutions, innovation and smart thinking are necessary to get the costs for Net Zero Energy refurbishments down whilst bringing the quality up. Factory Zero is the first start-up that has successfully built an installation module that is not only smaller, better and smarter, it’s also cheaper and it looks great.

The E=0 team constantly keeps its finger on the pulse of the European market, on the lookout for innovative suppliers capable of developing Net Zero Energy products.


Olivier Lauterslager, project leader homeowner associations olivier.lauterslager@platform31.nl

Sjoerd Klijn Velderman, project leader incubator and research of the European market sklijnvelderman@stroomversnelling.nl

Press releases and articles project launch

"€5.4m (£4.23m) to stimulate innovation in net-zero energy housing refurbishments" NEF, read article

"Dutch Energiesprong scheme arrives in UK" RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects), read article

"£4.23m funding released for innovation in net-zero energy housing refurbishments" Westminster Sustainable Business Forum, read article

"5,4 M€ pour stimuler l’innovation dans les rénovations de logements zéro énergie" Vilogia, read article

"Affinity Sutton, Moat and NEF win retrofit funding as part of Interreg financed project" buildpositive.net, read article

"Le « saut énergétique » néerlandais rebondit en Europe" Le Moniteur, read article

"Housing associations receive EU funding to deliver net-zero homes" Building-Construction-Design, read article

"EnergieSprong débarque en région avec Vilogia" La Chronique du BTP, read article


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