Loenen the first steps

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The municipality of Apeldoorn and the Stichting Duurzame Projecten Loenen receive a European subsidy for the development and construction of a virtual power plant. With the subsidy and with the financial support of the Province of Gelderland, Loenen is going to work to be energy-neutral and self-sufficient within twenty years. More information about the project and its progress can be found soon on Read More

3rd Partnership Meeting, in Ghent Belgium

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EnerGent was our host during the 3rd partnership meeting in Ghent. The main aim of this meeting was to exchange information on where we stand as a project and as individual partners, what the synergies are, where the discrepancies lay and how we should proceed. The days were built around the basic elements of the Transnational Design (TD) and the MoRe model: Community, Value Propositions, virtual Power Plant, the implementation and replication of the cVPP. Read More

Siddharth Raghav Murali, who recently graduated with a master’s thesis titled “Community based Virtual Power Plants: Aligning technical functions with social motivations”.

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Siddharth’s thesis has a social as well as a technical aspect and initially identifies a general set of social motivations present within a community, that could lead to the inception of a community-based project like the cVPP. Since Loenen village in the Netherlands has been chosen as the location where cVPP will be implemented, it was taken as the case study on which this thesis is based upon. The community of Loenen is actively involved in renewable development. In 2013, they were the recipients of funding for a community project to subsidize the installation of residential solar panels (Apeldoorn, 2015). The project was spearheaded by the local energy collective called Loenen Enrgie Neutraal (LEN). After the success of previous renewable energy projects in Loenen, the cVPP project is the next undertaking by LEN with the help of other partners in the consortium. Siddhart’s thesis was supervised by Dr. Ir. A.J. Wieczorek and Prof. Dr. Ir. G.P.J. Verbong from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences (TU/e) and Dr. V. Cuk from the Faculty of Industrial Electrical Engineering (TU/e). Further information on Siddhart’s thesis can be found on following link: Read More