Webinar with Tom Miller (Greybird Ventures) - Funding opportunities in the diagnostics' sector

28 May 2019

Finding capital to fund your (companion) diagnostics SME: The Venture Capital perspective.

The Interreg NWE project 'Codex4SMEs' proudly announces a webinar with

Tom Miller, founder of Greybird Ventures,

who is dedicated to invest in companies that can help to eliminate "trial and error" medicine with high-specifity diagnostics and generate value for patients, providers, developers of therapies, and those who pay for healthcare.


The Webinar took place at May 28th, 2019 from 14:00 - 15:15 CEST.


Please find a record of the webinar here.


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14:00 - 14:05     Words of welcome and short project introduction

14:05 - 14:50     Principles about what (companion) diagnostic SMEs need to do in order to make them attractive for VC's

                            - How far does your technology needs to evolved?

                            - What do you need to know about your market(s)/clients before going to a VC?

                            - Hoch much VC money is available in the diagnostics area?

                            - How much money do diagnostic SMEs normally ask for (and how much do they actually need)?

                            - How do you approach a VC? Does this differ between countries/regions?

                            - How do you select "the right VC for your SME"?

14:50 - 15:15     Q&A






Agenda for Funding opportunities in the diagnostics' area

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