Project Summary

The NWE zone is a key region for the global value chain of composite materials. It concentrates nearly 2,500 composite parts manufacturing companies, in majority SMEs employing nearly 25,000 people. A low-skilled workforce, particularly in the case of complex geometry parts, mostly handcrafts composite material parts. One of the longest steps in composites manufacturing is the cutting and placement of textile fabrics. The demand for composites materials is growing rapidly (5% / year) and shifting to large series parts. The composite materials industry in NWE suffers from a lack of competitiveness and is subject to competition with companies from low-cost countries. The risk is the sharp reduction or even the disappearance of companies and jobs related to the manufacture of composite parts in NWE. Nevertheless, it is possible to reverse the trend by strengthening the competitiveness of companies, allowing them to innovate through rapid, automated and repeatable textile manufacturing processes. In particular, it is necessary to innovate on the methods of implementation of textile reinforcements. The COBRACOMP project will strengthen the competitiveness of 80 SMEs in the value chain of production of composite materials. This will be possible thanks to the increase of TRL from 4 to 7 of textile processes for composite materials reinforcement said high performance automatic braiding allowing the efficient manufacturing of parts. A pilot braiding machine will be developed to manufacture two innovative textile braid architectures, as well as digital simulation and part design tools. The creation of a transnational network on the theme of composite materials using braids will help to disseminate information to all project targets. This network will also help sustain the use of project results after its completion.

Project Partners

Name Contact Name Email Country
UP-tex association Nicolas Martin France
ENSAIT Xavier Legrand France
EUROCARBON Stephan Voskamp Netherlands
Centexbel Baptiste Herlin Belgium
Coexpair Emmanuel Detaille Belgium
University of Twente Remko Akkerman Netherlands
Agoria Wouter Geurts Belgium
Ratier-Figeac Arnaud Andrzejewski France

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