Report release: Barriers for the Long-term Implementation of the Fibersort

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The report has been published in May 2019 and is readily available for download! This publication provides an overview of potential barriers for the implementation of Fibersort technology for collectors and sorters. The purpose of this document is to provide these stakeholders, as well as recyclers and other relevant actors, with the information needed to understand the importance, fit and potential of the Fibersort technology. Read More

Report release: Industry Reference Sheet

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The Industry Reference Sheet has been published in December 2018 and is readily available for download! This report outlines the amount of post-consumer textiles that could potentially be Fibersorted and used as feedstock for textile-to-textile recycling. Recycling technologies often process feedstocks with a specific composition, so quantities of each fibre type are important to consider. Read More

Fibersort at the European Technology Platform (ETP) conference

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We hear so much about how bad the apparel industry is, however there is so much great work happening in textiles today. Picture a room full of European research projects, innovators, industry leaders, and policy-makers eager to present their work and discuss a better future. This is an inspiring scene for someone deeply entangled in transforming the linear system, and it is exactly what the Fibersort team found at the European Technology Platform (ETP) conference in Brussels on 30-31 March. Read More