Fibersort Facts & Fables

, Online Webinar

The Fibersort project is hosting two webinars in which we share the latest project updates and you can learn from our industry experts Procotex and Valvan Baling Systems. The webinars will focus on the updated performance of the Fibersort technology and provide a preview of the upcoming release of the Fibersort Fact Sheet that is scheduled to be launched in June.
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Turning textile waste into feedstock through the Fibersort: 2019 Online Sessions

, Online Call

Fibersort is an amazing technology that can automatically sort post-consumer textiles by fibre type, but its success depends on being able to sell its outputs; these sorted post-consumer textiles (PCT). Are you involved in the circular textiles value chain or have a specific interest in collecting, sorting and recycling textiles? Join the Fibersort Deep Dive Sessions next week on "Turning textile waste into feedstock with the Fibersort" with the special participation of industry practitioners sharing their experience in these areas of impact.
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