ACE-Retrofitting: Accelerating Condominium Energy Retrofitting

Project Summary

Although local governments are tackling climate change, a majority of buildings in North-West Europe are still energy-inefficient and in need of deep renovation.

If action is not taken it will lock local governments into a high carbon-footprint future. By targeting condominiums (tenements and flatted buildings), the greatest number of private owners can benefit from more energy efficient homes while creating significant financial and carbon savings (50-70%).

Energy Cities, guided by a strategic energy transition vision and its capacity to ensure widespread success in its network, along with 6 local authorities from 5 different countries in NWE will introduce and promote a governance arrangement that overcomes the legal, human and financial barriers to the energy retrofitting of condominiums.

CoachCopro, a free, online collaborative tool developed by the Paris Climate Agency (Agence Parisienne du Climat), is central to this strategy and will be improved and adapted to be used in other parts of Europe.

In France, this web-based platform has already successfully assisted condominium owners (demand) and building professionals (supply) through an iterative process which cultivates trust relationships and generates direct and indirect jobs (potentially 19 net jobs created per €1M investment).


Want to talk about ACE-Retrofitting?

We provide you with a standard presentation (PDF) in 4 European languages:

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RegioStars Awards 2019: Support our candidates!

07-10-2019 - 11-10-2019, Brussels

Do you believe in the impact that our projects bring to your region? Give us a hand and vote for #CAN (Category 4 - Building climate-resilient cities) and #eMEN (Category 5 - Moder... Read more

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Interreg NWE project E=0 wins 2019's EU Sustainable Energy Innovation Award

Posted on 19-06-2019

We are very proud to announce that our E=0 project was the winner of the #EUSEW19 award under the innovation category! Congratulations for the well-deserved prize! Read more

76 project proposals received in call 9!

Posted on 14-06-2019

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This project is also supported by the French Energy Management Agency - ADEME.

Project Partners

Lead partner

Organisation Contact name Address Email Website
Energy Cities Ian Turner 2 Chemin de Palente
Name Contact Name Email Country
Ville de Liège Marc Schlitz Belgium
Agence Parisienne du Climat Béatrice Bienenfeld France
Universiteit Maastricht Annemarie Van Zeijl-Rozema Netherlands
Aberdeen City Council Maizatul Afzan Muhammad United Kingdom
Stadt Frankfurt am Main Energiereferat Jonas Geissler Germany
Gemeente Maastricht Rianne Van Der Krogt Netherlands
Autonoom Gemeentebedrijf Energiebesparingsfonds Antwerpen Jan Meuleman Belgium
Changeworks Resources for Life Ltd. Ian Smith United Kingdom



Exploiter les données de CoachCopro pour la constitution d’un observatoire de la rénovation énergétique des copropriétés.

, Genève, Suisse

Grâce à une utilisation harmonisée de l’outil dans 5 agences de l’énergie de la métropole parisienne et à un partage de données avec les principaux opérateurs du logement privé, l’agence parisienne du climat a pu mettre en place un observatoire de la rénovation énergétique des copropriétés à l’échelle de la métropole du Grand Paris.
Read More

Workshop & site visit: Understanding and accompanying owners in the energy retrofitting of their condominium

, Maastricht, the Netherlands

You are facing the challenge of the energy retrofitting of privately-owned condominiums in your city? One big challenge is how to help owners take the step from not retrofitting to retrofitting. In order to know how condominiums can most-effectively be supported, the underlying barriers for not taking action need to be better understood. In this symposium we will explore the mechanisms that prevent action to be undertaken, as well as some approaches and benefits of retrofitting.
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Deutsch (de)

Der ACE-Zähler kommuniziert die Ergebnisse der Partnerstädte in Hinblick auf die geschulten Eigentümer und Fachleute sowie die erzielten Sanierungen und CO2-Reduktionen.



Geschulte Eigentümer

Geschulte Fachleute

Beschlossene Sanierungspläne

Sanierungen in Umsetzung: WEG / Wohneinheiten

Abgeschlossene Sanierungen: WG /Wohneinheiten

Jährliche CO2-Reduktion (in Tonnen)
Antwerpen Belgien 9300 368 7    52/2725  2075
Frankfurt Deutschland 1206 432 2 1/5    
Lüttich Belgien 1347 49 7 16/620    1240
Maastricht Niederlande 48 7        
Paris Frankreich 15064 1885 139  108/2543  166/3983  3059









Dutch (nl)

De ACE-meter presenteert de resultaten die door de partnersteden zijn bereikt op het gebied van gecoachte eigenaren en professionals, gerealiseerde verduurzamingsmaatregelen en CO2-reductie



Gecoachte mede-eigenaren

Gecoachte professionals

Verduurzamingsplannen vastgesteld door ALV

Duurzame renovaties in uitvoering: appartementen/flats

Afgeronde duurzame renovaties: appartementen/flats

Jaarlijkse CO2 reductie (Ton)
Antwerpen België 9300 368 7   52/2725 2075
Frankfurt Duitsland 1206 432 2 1/5    
Luik België 1347 49 7 16/620   1240
Maastricht Nederland 48 7        
Parijs Frankrijk 15064 1885 139 108/2543 166/3983 3059









English (en)

The ACE meter communicates the results reached by the partner cities in terms of owners and professionals coached, retrofitting achieved and carbon emissions reduced.




Co-owners coached

Professionals coached

Retrofitting plans voted

Retrofitting in progress: condominiums/flats

Retrofitting finished: condominiums/flats

Annual decrease of CO2 emissions in tonnes
Antwerpen Belgium 9300 368 7    52/2725  2075
Frankfurt Germany 1206 432 2  1/5    
Liège Belgium 1347 49 7  16/620    1240
Maastricht Netherlands 48 7  0      
Paris France 15064 1885 139  108/2543  166/3983  3059










Français (fr)

Le “ACE meter” communique les résultats atteints par les partenaires en indiquant le nombre de propriétaires et de professionnels coachés, de rénovations réalisées et de réduction des émissions de gaz à effet de serre.



Co-propriétaires coachés

Professionnels coachés

Plans de renovation approuvés

Rénovations en cours: copropriétés / appartements

Rénovations finalisées: copropriétés / appartements

Diminution annuelle des émissions de CO2 (en tonnes)
Anvers Belgique 9300 368 7   52/2725 2075
Francfort Allemagne 1206 432 2 1/5    
Liège Belgique 1347 49 7 16/620   1240
Maastricht Pays-Bas 48 7        
Paris France 15064 1885 139 108/2543 166/3983 3059








In this section you will find documents developed as part of the ACE-Retrofitting project to help boost energy retrofitting in condominiums.


  • Financial Solutions for Condominium Retrofitting

23.08.2018 - Download PDF

  • Events

ACE-Retrofitting Conference, 13-15 May 2019 in Aberdeen, UK:

- ACE-Retrofitting presentation

- Changeworks presentation

- Scarf presentation 

- Scottish government presentation

- Warmworks presentation

Ace-Retrofitting and Innovate Capacity Building Workshop, 19 June 2019 in Brussels, Belgium:

- Summary of speakers and their projects/challenges sessions 3 & 4 

  •  Case studies

- Case study CoachCopro - Paris Climate Agency (Paris, France)

- Case study "Energy experts" - Tarmo+ project (Tampere, Finland)

- Case study Co-design approach - Sharing Cities  (Milan, Italy)

 - Case study Renovem els Barris  (Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Spain)

  • Step-by-step toolkit translated into 4 languages

English (en)

PPT Introduction stepbystep tool_EN

First steps - Case study form_EN

First steps - Convince your condo_EN 

First steps - Determine your capacity_EN

First steps - Quickscan_EN

Taking off - Communicate neighbours_EN

Taking off - Masterplan_EN

Taking off - Project team mandate_EN

Taking off - Tips for voting_EN

The real thing - Management plan_EN

Deutsch (de)

PPT Einführung Step-by-Step Tools-DE

Der Start - Kommunizieren Nachbarn_DE

Der Start - Masterplan_DE

Der Start - Projektteam Mandat_DE

Der Start - Tipps zur Abstimmung_DE

Erste Schritte - Eigentümer überzeugen_DE

Erste Schritte - Fallstudie Formular_DE

Erste Schritte - Kapazitäten bestimmen_DE

Erste Schritte - Quickscan_DE

Jetzt geht's - Projektmanagementplan_DE

Dutch (nl)

PPT Inleiding stapsgewijze tool_NL

Eerste stap - Appartamentencomplex overtuigen_NL

Eerste stap - Case studie formulier_NL

Eerste Stap - Inovatievermogen-Tool_NL

Eerste stap - Quickscan_NL

Lancering - Communiceer buren_NL

Lancering - Masterplan_NL

Lancering - Projectteam mandaat_NL

Lancering - Tips voor het stemmen_NL 

Het echte werk - Projectmanagementplan NL

Français (fr)

PPT Introduction outils Step-by-Step_FR

Premières étapes - Convaincre sa copro_FR

- Premières étapes - Déterminer sa capacité_FR

Premières étapes - Formulaire étude de cas_FR

- Premières étapes - Quickscan_FR

Se lancer - Communiquer avec voisins_FR

Se lancer - Conseil pour le vote_FR

Se lancer - Mandat équipe de projet_FR

Se lancer - Plan directeur_FR

Exécution - Planning de gestion de projet_FR


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