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There is an increasing focus on mental health in the workplace, as the demands and pressures of modern life, both inside and outside of work, continue to rise and affect our wellbeing.

There is currently no legislation specifically related to mental health, only 4 in 10 organisations have policies and systems in place to support common mental health problems and only 11% of the top 100 companies have disclosed information in their annual reports about their initiatives to support their employees’ mental health. 

We just don’t know enough about how mental illness impacts the workplace. It is one of the biggest causes of sickness absence which impacts productivity. The direct annual cost to European businesses for depression alone is estimated at £77 billion due to lost productivity.

We will embedd emotional technology to enhance the innovation performance by reducing sickness absence across both large and small enterprises throughout the NWE region and create happier, healthier and more resilient employees.

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Benevolent Health

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