Project Summary

Private companies need to make a contract on waste collection and treatment on an individual level. Many comanies do not know the content of thier waste. They also often do not knwo tat some waste has value. At the samen time they subscribe the need for a circular economy but do not know how thy can contribute. beside this they also do not feel the urgency to change their businessmodel to a more circular one.

On the other hand the companies collecting and processing waste are not educating and assisting thier clients enough to facilitate a transite to a more circular course of action, they also are not established nor equipped enough to facilitate this transition.

Therefore we are going to bundle private companies on a selected businesspark in such a way that they are tendering the waste collection collectively. The contract should prescibe the different fractions of waste to be collected separatly. This makes waste collection more efficient, reduce trafic and therefore reduce airpollution.
The contract will also demand a high grade of circular treatment of waste. The hight of cicularity of the treatment wil determine the rewarded points and therefore the change of winning the tender.
There are a loot of issues to be considered in this project. We also want to learn from our european partners  on how they tacle circular issues, leagal issues, contractual aspects and learn from circular initiateves which we don't know about. 

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