Project Summary

Digital play is replacing outdoor play. Because children think it is more fun or because outdoor possibilities may be limited. Can digital play live up to outdoor play’s benefits for cardiometabolic health and motor development? By using motion sensors, digital play can match the physical intensity of outdoor play. But we don’t know which design aspects stimulate motor development. Our research even shows that the things that make a game fun may hinder motor development.

In this project we will develop a digital playground that is healthy for the heart and brain. We will do this by investigating the influence of design elements (rules & affordances) on motivation, motor development and cardiometabolic health. This will result in a playground prototype for hospitalized children who have limited opportunity for outdoor play. Eventually, also healthy children benefit from knowledge on the impact of digital play on motor development.

  • Design that stimulates exploration
  • Research with children
  • Assessment of cardiovascular risk profile, motor learning and motivation
Outcome and results
  • Outcome: design guidelines for active games resulting in healthy play
  • Result: healthier youth

Join us

To make our project a reality we need more partners! We are seeking collaboration with:
  • Companies that develop motion sensors for play technology
  • Creative developers and design schools
  • Organizations that can contribute financially

Lead partner

Organisation Email
VUMC Amsterdam

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