Project Summary

Objective :
The project aims at developing circularity principles in the construction / demolition sector by the demonstration of a new sustainable approach of excavated soil management in a large-scale urban project. Under French regulation, low or un-polluted excavated land is currently considered as Waste as soon as it exits a single construction site outside ICPE regulation (Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment). It is then transported to dedicated facilities and usually landfilled. The objective is to design and implement of a temporary soil management platform and protocol to enable and stimulate reuse principles among the stakeholders involved. The overall aim is to reduce the environmental and economic impact of the derived activities (ressource efficiency, CO2 emissions, landfilling)

Scope of the project :
  • Study and identify the most optimal conditions for the implementation of the platform
  • Green procurement guidelines and building sector symbiosis for rapid and tailor made reuse of raw materials to stimulate the shift towards an effective circular economy
  • Design and implementation of a strong knowledge base around soil traceability and soil history conservation
  • Transfer activities to facilitate the replication of the method on national and international level
Actors targeted :
Urban planners, city authorities, ground construction work companies, engineering  companies, public waste agencies and private raw material processing companies, and overall urban planning coordinators.

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