Project Summary

Rapid demographic ageing is not only a major societal challenge, in terms of public budgets, workforce and quality of life, it also offers a major opportunity for new jobs, growth and competitiveness, referred to as the Silver Economy.

As the European health and care system is transitioning to a new, integrated and sustainable form of elderly care provision supporting independent living, we would like to pioneer and apply (transnational) big data analytics to gain insight and trigger SMEs to develop bespoke innovative solutions that support this transition.

Partnership and approach (all for discussion):
The participating regions/ partners should be keen to learn from each other’s situations and solutions. The partnership should contain leading health innovators and AI/ big data experts. It needs the competencies to design use cases, build, test and apply a unique data framework, and connect with industry to co-create and implement innovations.

We invite 3-4 regions/ partners to join us: 
-Health and social care service providers with end-user communities (recipients and data owners)
-SMEs/ service providers (can be involved indirectly)
-Financers e.g. regional/ local authorities and
government agencies interested in reforming their elderly health and care system
-Technology and research partners

The GezondheidFabriek would be the (lead partner and) innovation network partner to e.g. connect business opportunities to SMEs, support SMEs to scale up, manage, communicate and disseminate project results.

Creation of a new transnational cluster
Support of enterprises and innovative solutions
Creation of jobs..

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