Project Summary

Following the building of a first generation (test)  of wood based 3D printing system, we are designing a second one that is going to be large enough to produce 8m x 4m x 2m parts used fort instance as mold. Our raw inexpensive material is wood and we are using the least possible quantity of it by combining subtractive and additives technologies.
PrintBoat goal is to design a third generation of our printer that is going to be waterways movable, able to produce even larger parts that generation 2. The end of project deliverable will not be the actual full movable device but its design and also a comprehensive plan about the organisation of a whole new industrial branch that we forecast to create around theses kind of heavy yet moving industrials solutions.
The project will join partners from the following areas :
  •     Necessary subsystems builders : like axes, axes control, drives, servo-motors,linear servo motors glueing systems, robots, cutting systems.
  •     Waterways governmental agencies like VNF for France.
  •     Wood industry federations
  •     Wood industries
  •     Wood industry aimed technical centres
  •     Waterway boats builders (especially in the Netherlands)
  •     Glue providers
  •     Large transport specialized societies
  •     final customers like leisure boat builders

The following video show our first generation(test) machine  at work :

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