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Rural poverty represents an important aspect of European poverty. It is a complex problem. Rural poverty is not about one urgent problem, but about connected problems. For example, major bottlenecks include retreating services and facilities, transport poverty, and under-protection. Ask for help when you are in trouble, it is not easy for everyone. There are different treshholds: those of shame, but often also of ignorance, much people do not know that they are entitled to guidance or financial compensation. After automatically detecting possible beneficiaries, it is important to convince the rightful claimants submit an application or to ask for guidance.  Purposeful outreach to people living in conditions of poverty and the use of nudges can diminish different thresholds.

Exchange knowledge on tackling non-take up in rural areas, compare the challenges in the different NWE regions, how different regions solve it.

Develop in each region a pilot on tackling non-take up by using a combination of purposeful outreach and nudging.

The results will help understanding how people behave in practice so that we can design policy, programs and services better.

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Vlaamse Landmaatschappij

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