Project Summary

Central water drainage is not always possible in the countryside. Decentralised water sanitation systems are well known, as well as waste water collection systems where waste water is transported to a central sanitation installation elsewhere. Different innovations are being developed and tested in a living lab to improve the resulting water quality and to create cross-overs with energy production, food production, recycling, circularity etc.
The province of Flevoland is facing a particular challenge to stimulate and create water sanitation innovations in coöperation with the (future) residents of 'Oosterwold', a large green field development in the new city of Almere (14.000 hectares, 15.000 houses). The province of Flevoland will develop a living lab in which 10 of the most promising decentralised innovative systems (selected after a challenge to find the 10 most innovative entrepreneurs) will be tested. In this way we hope to bridge the gap between public and private innovation activities while empowering citizens to directly participate in the design, creation, selection and delivery of technology based solutions for improving water utility services.
Stakeholders from the NWE-region are invited to participate in the project, to bring in new ideas. We are looking for partners who are also aiming to stimulate innovations in decentralised water sanitation or in closing the water chain.
The results of the living lab will be presented at the WorldExpo Floriade 2022 in Almere. The Floriade will showcase all the different facets of Growing Green Cities.

If you are interested please contact:
Fred Jonkhart
Coordinator INTERREG
Province of Flevoland
Mob.: +31(0)618300071

Lead partner

Organisation Email
Water Alliance
Name Contact Name Email Country
Municipality of Almere

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