Project Summary

We have the technology to go to the moon and back… but we rarely succeed in a joint cooperation to reduce the CO² emission. The large industry region at the sea canal is the economical hot spot in the region, with a lot of potential to decrease GHG emissions. Different companies would like to go to a large energy project, but they need a facilitator. The project is the neutral actor, key and bridge function that connects the companies.
The project will create an industrial synergy along the different types of companies. The process, a participation and social process, will be supported by the method from Wouter Spekkink (Industrial Symbiosis as a social process, 2015).
In the process there will be at least two new connections in the area. The heat connections will be the start of the large heating network.
The project results:
  • a significant reduction of GHG emissions (at the end and more in the years following)
  • an agreement between companies and time schedule for the hole heating network
North West Europe has multiple large industrial areas with a high GHG emission saving potential. I need examples, experience, pilots and knowledge in facilitating the uptake in low carbon technologies by industrial synergies. Partners who have experience/knowledge with, are going to introduce:
a heating network between different companies
a synergy between large companies
making a trans-border exchange of heat
 (universities, companies, public organisations, …)

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