Project Summary

iSolutions to Isolation (i2i) will create innovative, integrated & accessible digital solutions and supporting services to tackle social isolation & associated health issues in remote, sparsely populated areas. In doing so i2i will harness the opportunity from growing digital adoption levels among older people as evidenced in preparatory enduser engagement.  By supporting older people to remain socially connected in their community i2i will reduce dependence on care professionals and instead help build resilient self-sustainable communities.  The project will develop a transnational i2i service framework operating via an innovative digital Rural i2iHub and supported by new i2i Social Navigator and Digital Connector services/roles.

The Rural i2iHub will provide a unique triadic digital service portal for socially supporting older people from assessment to tailored digital solutions to monitoring of impact comprising:
1.iPlans of clients social needs informing social prescribing of iSolutions
2.iSolutions suite of new/existing solutions tailored/activated according to client iPlan and based on themes identified by
end-users: neighbourhood networks/asset maps; online befriending; participatory gaming & digital storytelling for older people;
integrated VC/chat/mail & online digital skills support
 3.iSensor module of remote monitoring of i2i clients social participation to track impacts delivered via 1. and 2. 
Rural i2iHub will bring together the above in a single integrated interface and provide via a range of common platforms/devices to maximise community reach.  
The iSolutions will be informed by an analysis of community needs, assets and available digital infrastructure to have accessible home-based or community access points in rural test sites across NW Europe.

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NHS Western Isles

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