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The South East Rivers Trust is looking to develop test and implement holistic approaches to mitigating the impact of road runoff on urban rivers across  NWE.  Road runoff - a veritable cocktails of pollutants - enters urban streams and rivers via mapped and unmapped outfalls and drainage systems. Although inherent impacts processes are relatively unknown, urban road runoff can be especially deleterious when a "first flush" occurs after rainfall;  a pulse of heavily polluted water runs off rapidly from a largely impermeable urban landscape into streams and rivers affecting the entire ecosystem. One of the most visible impacts is a localised fish kill which can wipe out up to thousands of individual fish. However, there are many other less visible and poorly known impacts (on physicochemical processes and other elements of the urban river ecosystem) that negatively affect system resilience
The South East Rivers Trust, in close collaborationwith other urban Rivers Trusts (Thames 21) and conservation organisations (ZSL), aims to form a consortium of stakeholders and researchers to work together to assess, implement and monitor a series of holistic mitigation measures designed to mitigate road runoff impacts in urban catchments. The project will adopt an integrated, stakeholder driven approach, using data to map and pinpoint high risk runoff areas and research based methods to select, design and monitor the holistic mitigation methods such as SuDS, wetland treatment trains and vortex chambers. The consortium will develop guidance methods, dissemination and communication programmes and use demonstration sites for roll out to encourage up take by other NWE regions.
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Zoological Society of London: Citizen Science Project Leader

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