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While cities are growing and e-commerce increases even more, the last mile of logistics in e-commerce in city logistics will become a severe problem in terms of congestion and air quality. At the same time, a lot of pilots are already implemented focussing on parts of the solution. Think of ICT / apps, communities organising distribution hubs and "hardware" like a packrobot able to collect packages from different logistics companies.
However, the separate solutions will not have a viable business case and impact on the needs of cities until the solutions are interlinked, enabling an integrated solution.
The project "E-Commerce Last Mile Living Labs in NWE" aims to pilot integrated solutions in several cities under different circumstances, resulting in reduced transport in cities and thus CO2 reduction. This perfectly matches with the Interreg NWE programme that is seeking for projects that focus on reducing CO2 from transport and actually demonstrate these solutions.
Results of the project:
  • Demonstrated integrated solutions with reduced CO2 from city logistics
  • Viable business cases for SMEs
  • Insights (blueprint) for creating integrated solutions in cities
What Dinalog brings into the project:
  • Coordination of the project proposal, liaising with Dutch cities and knowledge institutes
  • Connection with and involvement of all kinds of SMEs with different solutions for e-commerce city logistics (ICT, couriers, hardware solutions, etc.)

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