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The current economic trend in North West Europe in recently years has seen Local Authorities, Council's, Government Agencies, NGO'S budgets significantly cut by their national governments which has resulted in an increased opportunity for certain public services to be advertised to the private and third sectors to deliver. Additionally, Local Authorities / Councils are increasingly advertising for social / community enterprises to take over council owned buildings as part of a Community Asset Transfer (CAT) in order to run successful social enterprises in those communities.
Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council (MTCBC) recognises that more can be done to stimulate social enterprise ideas / opportunities in communities and directly work with and support those social enterprises / community groups in developing organisational structures, business plans, training etc. to ensure they are ready to run a sustainable social enterprise in their respective community, employ local people and stimulate social cohesion in the process.

- Develop a transnationally tested model which can be used to inform and develop the capacities of existing and potential social enterprises and used to drive the more opportunities from Council's going forward.
- Increase the number of Social Enterprises taking on public service opportunities
- Increase the number of Community Asset Transfers (CAT’s) taken on by social enterprises over the next three years
- The socio-economic value, perception and appreciation of social enterprise sector is far greater.
- Social entrepreneurship will be covered as part of an overall entrepreneurship syllabus in schools and colleges (11-18 year olds)
- Provide support for service ‘spinout’ from traditional local authority delivery toward social business models.
- Provide employment and volunteer opportunities.
- Explore community entrepreneurship and innovative models to deliver services by and for the community.
- Identify potential cluster delivery models.
- Explore community enterprise supply chain development and procurement approaches.
- Cluster development and sharing of best practice.
- Facilitation of best practice (franchising) rollout.
If you are a Council looking for innovative solutions to off-set public services, experienced academic institution in social enterprise development or an exemplar social enterprise that can help the project evolve then please get in touch.
Please Note: during the development of the Phase One Application (EOI), there will be no costs associated with participation as all communication surrounding project development will done via email, skype and teleconferencing.

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Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council - (MTCBC)

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