Project Summary

Objective of the project
The aim is to reduce CO2-emissions and implement renewable energy production systems in different kinds of historical buildings (without affecting historical structures) by developing and large-scale testing of adapted existing and new technologies by a targeted approach to involve innovative companies and regional stakeholders and by demonstrations to other stakeholders in NWE to promote and facilitate the uptake of proven low carbon techniques and restoration works that links the conservation of those buildings with socio-economic potentials.
Strategic concept of the partnership
The partnership requires 4 types of organisations to execute this project and to reach objectives and expected results:
  • Owners/organisations of historical buildings
  • Knowledge institutes/academic partners
  • Businesses active in low carbon technologies to be used in /arounds buildings
  • Governmental bodies, NGO’s, umbrella organisations
Project scope
The project focuses on reduction of CO2-emissions and increasing the production of renewable energies in/by historical buildings by:
  1. Testing innovative technologies and methods on at least 4 pilot sites to demonstrate and quantify CO2 emissions reduction
  2. Proposing restoration scenarios and solutions for the reduction of CO2 emissions in historical buildings in the NWE-region, using advanced management tools developed for pilot sites
  3. Creating involvement and collaboration of public and private stakeholders associated with historical building conservation to achieve CO2-reduction, renewable energy production and socio-economic benefits throughout the NWE-region

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