Project Summary

Challenges and problems
In the EU 2020 strategy, Carbon (CO2) reduction is one of the main themes. Most programmes and projects focusses on reducing the use of fossil fuels and on promoting renewables. Less attention is there for the production of CO2 from peat grounds. Normally when peat is growing it will capture CO2, but in a lot of circumstances in Europe nowadays (as decreasing water levels, deforestation, long dry periods) the peat produces CO2 and strengthens greenhouse effects. As example: in the Dutch province of Drenthe the CO2 produced by the peat is 900.000 ton per year. This is more than the total reduction of CO2-emissions that Drenthe want to achieve.
Changes can only be achieved through a combination of measures.  The challenges are:
• Development, implementation and testing of new methods and concepts for CO2-reduction in peatlands
• Create cooperation between key stakeholders (nature and farmer organisations, governments,  communities
• Targeted approach (each target group/stakeholder needs its own approach)

Reducing CO2-emissions in peatlands significantly by developing and testing new techniques and methods in different areas and circumstances in NWE and by targeted approach to increase support of relevant stakeholders.

Transnational cooperation
The challenge to be faced is not really in picture in most peatland areas. In addition there is less experiences and knowledge on the issue and methods and techniques to tackle it. So the bundling and sharing of knowledge is highly needed as well as co-operation in the development and testing of different methods and techniques for different circumstances. It is also important to co-operate in raising awareness on this issue, not only on local scale but also on national and EU scale. This will make it possible to successfully disseminate those methods and techniques to many other regions in NWE.

Kind or partners we are looking for
  • Nature conservation organisations
  • Government organization
  • Knowledge institutes
  • Farmer organisations
Our contact details:
Name: Stefan Versweyveld and/or Wim van Hooff
Organisation: Natuurpunt
Region: Antwerpen; Country: Belgium
Telephone: +32 485 – 657874 (Stefan)  or +31 6 – 28971686 (Wim)
Email: and/or

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