Project Summary

BLUEHUBS: main objectives
To disencourage single car use (and reduce GHG emissions per capita) by offering user friendly, well organized & qualitative switching points, connecting different on land transport modes (train, bus, carsharing, bike….) with transport on navigable waterways for personal transport.
BLUEHUBS aim to enhance the underdeveloped potential of navigable waterways to include the waterways in a multimodal transport network and to stimulate travel pattern changes for commuting AND leisure transport between suburban areas and city centers by offering GOOD services.
BLUEHUBS will focus on the implementation: (further) roll out of well located mobility connections between navigable waterways and on land multimodal hubs on a bigger scale in NWE

Resulta: by offering well organized multimodal hubs (including the first and last mile) a modal shift will be realized from single car use to more sustainable transport between cities and the suburban area.

Parners needed:
BLUEHUBS is looking for
-> blue hub locations with enough multimodal potential in a distance of max 1 km: bus stop, train station, parking spots, car sharing, bike rental/bike sharing, cycling routes: already available but having potential for increasing the service
-> city or suburban region/countryside with important passenger transport connection
-> enough ‘critical mass’ (commuters or tourists) to make the system viable
-> the hubs must offer something special to guarantee a dependable flow of passengers
    -working district (commuting)
    -shopping area
    -historic region attracting tourists
    -special attraction: park, zoo, …
    -festival spot

Especially looking for partners in France, Germany

Lead partner

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Province of Antwerp

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