Project Summary

What challenge or problem are we addressing? What is the need?
Around 15% of the Region’s 14 to 24 year olds suffer with mental illness. Increasingly disconnected from nature and society, these young people spend lots of time indoors, on screens and social media. Their physical health suffers as a result, mental issues creep in and they experience a declining sense of purpose in their lives.

What's the objective and what do we want to achieve?
Arise aims to complement the standard treatments health services offer to address such mental health issues. A lack of mainstream funding, inertia, or the stigma many feel, delays remedial action and the problem accelerates. Arise can help these youngsters to get out and engage with others, enjoy the ‘great outdoors’ and widen their horizons and opportunities. By developing a process (a continuing programme of activities hosted by “pop up” activity hubs in outdoor settings) we will deliver practical ways that help tackle the problem. Involving young people to develop the process as well as participating in the activities, will help develop their confidence, give them skills and training and help them to start to move on in life.

We expect early participants to exert some ‘peer pressure’ and convince others from this at-risk group to participate in the activities on offer. If we make the hubs appealing enough the numbers benefitting from these should escalate. One ‘trick’ will be to challenge them to put their technical and media skills to ‘positive use’ and to help promote the benefits and wellbeing such settings can deliver.

Why do we need transnational cooperation?
We want to develop a process in a range of outdoor settings across the Region. Co-operation is essential to ‘standardise’ the approach, give it a NWE brand and link these ‘local’ initiatives to wider national / regional schemes that address mental health problems. This will help to ensure we develop and offer complementary solutions.

What kind or partners are we looking for?
We are seeking partners such as National / Regional / Local Authorities that have the desire to address this issue and the infrastructure to host trial schemes in sites in their region. Partners from across various sectors are also sought, including; Mental Health Charities, Businesses (Tech / Digital organisations) Youth and Community Groups, Universities and Local Health Services.

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Canal & River Trust

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