Production of 2D tutorial videos for Interreg NWE Programme

The object of this tender is to hire a service provider to deliver 2D tutorial videos for Interreg North West Europe Programme.

It is a Framework contract with purchase orders.

Development of a minimum of four 2D video-tutorials with a duration of approximately 3-5 minutes each. The tutorials are to be produced based on a pre-defined script provided by the contractors.

  1. The production of a minimum of four 2D video-tutorials (screen recording).
  2. The videos should be produced with a standard Screen Capture Software (e.g. Camtasia, Quicktime, ScreenFlow etc.) in the format of tutorials. No 3D digital animation is foreseen.
  3. The videos should be produced as a continuous series, in line with the existing visual identity of the Interreg North-West Europe Programme. The visual identity will be provided by the contractor in the requested format. The videos shall contain an intro of a few seconds with the title of the video and the graphic elements of the Programme (to be decided together during implementation).
  4. The development and finalisation of the tutorials should include basic video and transition effects, if needed (e.g. graphics, icons etc.).
  5. The estimated length of each video will be 3-5 min.
  6. Voice over narration and audio effects will not be needed, but the contractor will be asked to overlay a pre-recorded voice over the produced video. It is foreseen to produce each video with four different audio files in four languages (i.e. four overlays per video).
  7. The contractor is committed to request the production of at least four different videos.
  8. After the four initial videos are produced, further videos under the same format may be ordered, depending on the needs of the contractor.

Further information is available here.

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